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Jewellery & Watch Valuations and Insurance

Jewellery Valuations

Delross Design Jewellers offer valuation services which are completed by accredited National Jewellery Council of Australia & Gemmological Association of Australia Registered Valuers. Our Team of Valuers are capable of performing complex valuation appraisals on both single jewellery items or entire estates for insurance or legal purposes. 


The cost for a valuation is $150 which includes a professional clean and polish. 

If your item is particularly complex, this will require quoting. 

For two-item sets to be valued on the one certificate (such as a chain and pendant), the cost is $270. This also applies to two-ring sets that are soldered together.

For three-item sets to be valued on the one certificate (such as a chain, pendant and earring set), the cost is $365. This also applies to three-ring sets that are soldered together. 

Watch Valuations


$350 - $500 per watch depending on the model. This is all-inclusive of watch styles (wrist, pocket, nurse, etc). Watch valuations require a watchmaker to disassemble the watch for a thorough inspection of parts to ensure it is a genuine make, followed by a clean. A valuer then completes the appraisal once this has been done. Watch valuations are more expensive than jewellery valuations due to the intensive labour component.

Need Insurance Cover?

Delross Design Jewellers can set you up with full comprehensive jewellery insurance through QReport, and can have you covered before your piece leaves our store. QReport are specialists within the jewellery insurance industry and deal exclusively in jewellery.

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Why QReport?

Worldwide coverage for accidental loss and damage

Your item(s) insured with QReport are totally covered anywhere in the world for accidental loss and damage. The cost of your repairs can be covered by QReport - and if you've accidentally lost your item(s), that can be covered too!

Low excess & fast approval time

Your excess is just $100, and have your claim paid in up to 10 days!

Insured for an agreed value with up to 125% cover

Many insurers will not replace your jewellery for the value shown on the policy. QReport Jewellery Insurance is an agreed value policy, and they will pay the actual amount shown on your policy less $100 excess. But they go further - 125% cover is an additional benefit built into the QReport policy. If you have a claim and the same item of jewellery cannot be replaced for the sum insured, we can call on an extra 25% to ensure you receive like for like putting you back into the same position you were prior to your loss.

Return to a jeweller of your choice

Simple as that.

Annual revaluation of your pieces at no cost to you

Wear your jewellery with peace of mind that you'll always be covered for what your piece is currently worth.

You'll be protected by a quality insurance agency backed by an International Leader in insurance

QReport is backed by Chubb Insurance Australia Limited.

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