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‏‏‎Delross Design Jewellers offer more flexibility and discretion ‏‎than most. ‏‏‎Our fast and reliable buying process means that you will be paid for the sale as soon as the goods change hands from yours to ours. We buy finished jewellery, broken jewellery, 'bits and bobs', scrap gold, platinum and silver - and other precious metals. We also buy coins, watches, estate pieces and we're even open to buying certain antiques, curiosities and non-jewellery items.

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It's essential that you're only selling to reputable, experienced and knowledgeable companies to ensure that all metals and gemstones are properly tested for purity, authenticity and quality, so that you are paid a fair price for the item(s) that you're selling. 
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You are also welcome to trade the above items in lieu of payment towards any purchases or work that you are having done at Delross Design Jewellers.
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