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Peridot: An Out-of-This-World Gemstone

Peridot: An Out-of-This-World Gemstone

If you were born in August, count yourself lucky to have one of the most ancient gems as your birthstone.

Peridots are one of the most beautiful gemstones, boasting rich naturally occuring olive-green hues and impressive clarity. Hard enough for daily wear and precious enough to become heirlooms, Peridot surely has it all. But did you know that the most common gemstone to be found in meteorites is none other than Peridot?! They are one of the oldest known gemstones to man, and have been used for centuries for their beauty and healing properties, dating all the way back to the Ancient Egyptians. There is belief that Cleopatra's prized Emerald was, in fact, a Peridot.


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