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Jewellery Valuations In Brisbane


Jewellery Valuations

Delross Design Jewellers has an in-house valuer who is accredited by the National Jewellery Council of Australia & Gemological Association of Australia. Our Valuer is capable of performing complex valuation appraisals on both single jewellery items or entire estates for insurance or legal purposes. With thousands of valuations performed, experience offers clear, concise and accurate appraisals.   

Turnaround times may vary based on our current workload. Please contact us to find out what our current lead times are. You are able to leave item(s) that are being valued with us as they are stored safely and securely during this time and are covered by our insurance whilst in our possession. Need a watch valued? We also have an in-house Watch Valuer with extensive experience in timepieces who can complete watch and clock valuations. Similar lead times apply depending on the complexity of the time piece been valued. If you require an urgent valuation that needs to be completed without prior notice, it need to be understood that valuations are time consuming and while there is a good possibly it can be accommodated sometimes depending on work load, it's just not possible. We recommend Contacting Us to confirm availability to perform an express valuation. An express valuation cost is slightly higher than our regular valuation. Charges have to be applied in these circumstances due to the disruption to planned work flows. On completion you will be supplied with a valuation document. This will not only have a photo of your item by also a written accurate description of your jewellery including verification of precious metal alloys weight's, diamond grade and carats and gemstone authenticity and carat. Most importantly is a calculated like for like insurance replacement value in todays market. 






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