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The NK36 R1FF is a good size, lightweight, affordable and as with all Adina watches is completely assembled by hand in Australia by a qualified watchmaker. For 35 years this reliable Adina nurse watch has been the go to watch for countless nurses. It is a watch that encapsulates “human history”, celebrating many of life’s highs and comforting during the lows.

More than just a work tool and often received when graduating or starting your degree in nursing, it’s truly special, and is designed to last for a lifetime and possibly longer with the right care. Adina watches are of the highest quality and are supported by the qualified watchmakers at Adina, giving your practical and stylish timepiece with the potential to become a much-loved heirloom, able to be passed on to future nurses in the family.


Adina Nurse Watch NK36 R1FF

The Adina nurse watch NK36 R1FF especially designed for the hard working, Australian nurse this watch exudes a stylish yet conservative demeanour. Constructed from robust nickel free, marine grade stainless steel, the 32mm case houses the Swiss made Ronda 715 movement. The classic white dial with luminosity and pulse zone is also protected by a mineral crystal which is well known for it’s scratch resistance. This Adina watch has been fitted with a stainless steel name plate, perfect for engraving the owners name. Even though this is a nurse watch keeping the water out is still a top priority and doing that is a oring crown giving solid water protection. The Adina nurse watch NK36 R1FF is also available with a roman dial and in steel,  two tone steel and gold or all gold finishes. As with all Adina watches this watch has been completely assembled by hand in Brisbane, Australia.

Additional information

Dial Color White
Dial Layout Full Figure
Color Rose Gold
Case Colour ROSE GOLD
Band FOB

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