Watch Repairs & Services

Delross Design Jewellers offer repairs & servicing battery & band replacements of any watch brand, in most cases while you wait. We also offer Watch Valuations and appraisals of your most treasured timepieces  


We are able to change batteries of any watch brand, nearly all can be done while you wait, Watch battery replacement cost starts from $25. Delross Jewellers also has pressure testing equipment to leak test your watch, and do recommend having your waterproof and water resistant watches pressure tested when changing batteries as the seals do tend to perish over time and are prone too leakage when disturbed during a battery change or opening of the back for any reason this testing this can be done while you wait as well, but will take slightly longer.


Do you have watch that slowly loses time or when you take it off at night it slows to a stop by morning sounds like a service is in order, Servicing your timepiece is recommended by most manufactures periodically for all watches to maintain accuracy and reliability. Watch Servicing maintains good internal health of your watch and can increase its life by years even with everyday use. Depending on the brand, uniqueness and age of your watch servicing is not  overly time consuming or expensive. Watch servicing pricing is set for standard service works to be performed, The exception to this is of course value of high end brands and availability of parts due to age. Importantly also is the overall number of internal parts requiring replacement. Delross Jewellers will inspect and offer a quoted value for part and work required before proceeding.    

What Happens in a service:

  • Pre inspection evaluation and quotation of required workmanship and parts required for repairs above those of standard servicing. 
  • Disassembly and inspection of watch movement components detailed cleaning and inspection of removed components for damage and wear lubricate for reassembly. 
  • Reassemble, replacing of any worn, defective or damaged parts, perished seals, bent crowns etc. as necessary. (as quoted)
  • Pressure Testing ( if required )
  • Sonic Cleaning of metallic bands, light clean and polish of cases and bracelets 
  • The watch then is monitored for 24 - 48 hours for time calibrations checks and correct time keeping.