Jewellery Repairs & Restorations

Jewellery Repairs

Delross Design Jewellers have a team of qualified jewellers that perform all jewellery repairs in-store. Whether that be resizing and re-tipping rings, chain rejoins or building up links on charms, rhodium plating or just a professional clean and polish, it all makes your jewellery look brand new again. You know, once having a this done you will wonder why you didn't get done sooner! For as little as $30 for a clean & polish, it really is worth it. Got "hard to buy for" friends or family? Why not a Delross Gift card toward a clean and polish or rhodium of their most treasured jewellery. It is an affordable yet meaningful gift to remember and sparkle things up!

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Jewellery Restorations

Jewellery Restorations by Delross Design. They don’t build houses or cars the same as they used to but we all know when either of these when caringly restored, both desirability and value can increase markedly. So perhaps you have inherited or purchased estate jewellery items. It is very important to remember that, antique jewellery always has and will continue to be very desirable and the right piece can also be very valuable so it really does pay to know what you have and if a restoration is the best way to travel. By letting Delross Design Jewellers perform an appraisal we can quickly determine and advise of your best options for restoration. We also offer a complete professional valuation service for insurance purposes. Sometimes though it may not be viable for a restoration that’s when our other service ‘s of unique handmade and/or scrap gold purchase may be best suited to your needs.

Before Rhodium Plating

Jewellery Repairs Rhodium Plating Before

After Rhodium Plating

Jewellery Repairs Rhodium Plating After