Jewellery Remodelling

Jewellery Remodelling

We Specialise in Remodelling & Refreshing Jewellery

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Jewellery Remakes & Remodelling. Admitting it’s better days are behind, maybe its time to have some change in your life, it perhaps as the wonderful as it was as time goes by maybe it wasn’t quite your cup of tea. But like a true friend that’s been with you through thick and thin somehow with all the memories. Parting forever is just not an option. Remodelling is for you, Remodelling your jewellery is not unlike renovating an old home, pick the right builder, Re-use what materials you have. Results usually are not only breath taking but in most cases also be cost effective and add value.

Delross Design Jewellers have several skilled designers and jewellery craftsmen in-store able to creativity remake it using using talent and experience with its own original and unique materials.

Without having large outlays for consumable materials such as gold and diamonds an old piece becomes transformed to new with that sparkle and lustre. Again giving you that feeling that only a new noticeable modern up to date jewellery piece can do.Rightfully it can rejoin you on life’s journey and possibly perhaps even those of future generations.

We have had so many customers remodel with us and totally thrilled at the results, If your considering changes to the jewellery your wearing think Delross Design

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