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What does it mean to be a Q–Report Certified Jeweller?

As a Q–Report Certified Jeweller, we believe in providing our customers with the confidence to wear their precious jewellery everywhere, and anytime.It’s for this reason that we offer our clients a specialist insurance policy which is custom designed for the jewellery in our store, what better way than to give you peace of mind  before you leave our store, should you leave with Q–Report Jewellery Insurance cover.It’s for this reason that we highly recommend you consider their policy if you wish to insure your jewellery, everyone’s circumstance are different so please check out our PDS to see if it meets your needs.

Q Report is specialist jewellery insurance that gives you global protection the moment you leave your jeweller.

An Agreed Value With Up To 125% Cover*

Many insurers will not replace your jewellery for the value shown on the policy. Q–Report Jewellery Insurance is an agreed value policy, we will pay the actual amount shown on your policy less $100 excess.But we go further. 125% cover is an additional benefit built into the Q–Report policy. If you have a claim and the same item of jewellery cannot be replaced for the sum insured, we can call on an extra 25% to ensure you receive like for like putting you back into the same position you were prior to your loss.

Instant Cover

A Q–Certified Jeweller can have your jewellery insured for you before you walk out the door. The moment you buy that stunning piece of jewellery, you’re already covered!Alternatively, call Q–Report Jewellery Insurance on 1300 882 018 and our team will be able to assist you with your insurance.

Worldwide Cover

12 months worldwide cover against loss, theft and damage. Feel secure to enjoy your holiday or honeymoon – it’s all about peace of mind!

The Option to Always Return to your Jeweller

We believe you should always have the option to return to your family jeweller.

Annual Revaluation of Your Jewellery at No Additional Charge

Rest assured that when you receive your renewal we have revalued your jewellery at no additional charge. This means you can enjoy your jewellery without having to worry if you have enough coverage.

An Insurance Policy Backed By A World Leading Insurer

Chubb Insurance Australia Limited.* Conditions apply – not available on Q Report pocket policy. Contact Delross Design Jewellers today, see how we can help you with a no obligation free quote with your claim.