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Delross Design Jewellers gold buying services offer 100% more flexibility and discreet than most, we are able to buy all unwanted jewellery, scrap gold, platinum, silver metals, gold bracelets, gold coins, gold earrings, gold rings, watches second hand and estate jewellery in in single or full estate lots we offer fair and best possible daily spot prices.Now is a great time to be selling demand for gold and precious metal are at their peak whilst overseas economic uncertainty reins ,It is very important to remember when selling precious metals to deal only with licensed reputable business with well-trained and knowledgeable staff. This ensures all items are correctly tested for metal purity, offering certainty with financial returns (are they what they should be?) Or if you choose, precious scrap metals can be used as part or full payment for any new items, this is the best way to reduce costs by adding scrap materials to any unique handmade jewellery done by us, Come in and see us today. Fast and reliable payments are a guaranteed! If you would like to enquire about this service please contact us.

Gold Buyers Precious Metal Recycling Chermside