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Estate Jewellery

Estate Jewellery

Buy & Sell Estate Or Unwanted Jewellery

Delross Jewellers estate jewellery range consists of  items that have been traded in on new jewellery pieces and, of course, as the name suggests, true estate jewellery. As a manufacturing jeweller with an accredited valuer in store, all items are appraised, valued and repaired or restored as required and given a new lease of life. You can be assured it is the genuine item. Any work carried out on the item has been assessed by professionals to enhanced it’s value. Most true estate jewellery passed down from yesteryear was made to last, sadly some has not seen the light of day for may years. Delross Jewellers give it the TLC not only make it beautiful and ready to be worn and shown to the world again but  also can make it a valuable sentimental investment for the future as well. Individual diamonds and gemstones are also available as estate due to the fact that perhaps the jewellery item was beyond restoration. The bonus here for you is that it is an extremely savvy way to high quality jewellery when added to a new design, this can create excellent value for money. Delross has an ever changing estate stock range, as an independent jeweller and a licensed second hand dealer we have a flexibility to buy sell and trade jewellery not offered by the large shopping centre chain stores and of a whole at better prices too. The only real problem estate jewellery of this description chooses new owners quickly so if you like what you see best make it yours. If you have estate jewellery and are uncertain of it origins or worth, take the time to come and see us, you may be pleasantly surprised! Our Stock Range is always changing so its best to keep checking in. Is there is something in particular you are searching for,  let us know and we’ll look too!

Delross Design Jewellers are licensed second hand dealers and are always on the look out for Estate Jewellery so if you have only one piece or an entire estate you wish to sell contact us today