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Diamond Engagement Rings

Diamond Engagement Rings

Custom Made Diamond Engagement Ring?

Diamond Jewellery, Diamond engagement rings custom made? Getting it made uniquely for yourself or a loved one is an exciting experience. With our in-house jewellery designers and a fully equipped jewellery workshop, you’re in good hands. It’s easy to achieve the perfect design by working directly with our in-house designers. They can guide you through the design and stone selection process and tailor it to suit your lifestyle and budget.  Delross also welcomes our customers to bring in their own gold and stones, which can be redesigned, reset or included in an entirely new design to reinvigorate the past. Whatever the design, you can be assured it will be beautifully made and unique to you. To organise a new design or remodelling of an old piece or come and visit us in store. You’ll be surprised with the options and affordability available.

With diamonds & gemstones, quality can be so subtle even a trained jeweller at times can’t recognise them without the correct lab equipment. A trained professional can determine the quality and spot the difference between natural and synthetic. Believe that bigger is not always best and a selection of a smaller, higher quality diamond and gemstone can pay in the long run. The recommendation here is to aim for best shape, colour and clarity with less focus on size, from there go up in size to match your budget. Insist that any diamond you buy comes with indisputable verification of its quality from an unbiased source such as the GIA or a Registered Valuer Diamond Grader. These should come with written certification of its quality and if it doesn’t, theres a fair chance you could be buying at price suited to a higher grade than what you’re getting. These Diamonds can be slightly more expensive but the reasoning behind this is that you are getting exactly what you are been sold. The peace of mind that comes from confirmed quality is priceless.

Knowledge friendly Delross staff can work through many options to find your fit and price point. Take the time to talk to us if your contemplating buying, both you and your partner won’t be disappointed.

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High Quality Engagement Rings Pre Made

It may also be worth noting multiple suppliers within Australia and overseas offer a large range of pre-made high quality engagement rings, complete or without diamonds set(mounts) and these only require suitable diamonds to be set for completion. These can be researched priced, designed and bought online through us. This could be a suitable alternative for those that already have a diamond of sentimental value. You’re able to see a range of settings Diamonds on our Jewellery Store page here. If you’re soon to be in the market for your engagement ring, start saving the magazine cuttings and photos from the internet in your scrapbook. Even better still why not make a start to design it yourself by using Custom Design Studio download the app here at Delross browse thousands of designs or upload a google image of your perfect design and make changes to stone size and settings with support from us on your phone computer or iPad.    We can recommend great sites from which we gather some of our information like GIA American website. Really it doesn’t matter where your inspiration comes from,  the adage that “a picture is worth a thousand words” is what you need to remember. This will communicate clearly what you’re looking for so the designers are straight onto what you’re searching for to “make your dream come true”. Delross Design Jewellers has been manufacturing fine jewellery in our Brisbane Jewellery Workshop for 16 years. Contact us to discuss your Diamond Engagement Ring today and remember you’re in good hands with Delross Design Jewellers.

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