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 Diamonds & the 4C’s

 Diamond Anatomy & Terminology

Diamond Anatomy & Terminology

Clarity & Colour & Size

Diamond-Grading-Color-ChartDiamomd Cut Is Important Too

Diamond Cuts 4C's

Diamond Shapes

Diamond-Shapes Delross Design Jewellers

Basic Setting Styles Used

Diamond Setting Used

Insist on a diamond grading report (Certified Diamond)

The differences in diamond quality can be so subtle even a trained jeweller can’t recognize them without lab verification,let alone a chain store retail assistant Insisting that any diamond you buy comes with indisputable verification of its quality from an unbiased source.These Diamonds can be slightly more expensive however the piece of mind is priceless.Gia Diamond Certification Sample

Protect your purchase With A Jewellery Valuation

Have your diamond and or Jewellery Professionally Valued and insured. Jewellery Valuers and insurers rely on diamond grading reports to accurately evaluate the value of gems. As an additional measure, consider having your diamond laser-inscribed with its GIA report number, to provide verification if it is ever lost or stolen.

 Delross Design Jewellers can design and custom make Engagement Rings to suit you and your budget.Choosing your stone, and your style is not as complex as you think however it is exciting and for-filling to place your very own unique designed engagement ring on the first time to see it sparkle.Delross Design Jewellers guide you through the pros and cons of a diamond purchase and ring design to achieve desired results including in today’s world, pricing, We access multiple Australian and overseas diamond, gemstone,dealers. One of these is our Jewellery Showcase  Delross offers you the ability to search today’s diamond price and stock on-line in AU Dollars. Assuring you that the choice of stones on hand is as vast, if not better than the big guys! If you like what you see but are not confident to purchase on-line Delross Jewellers also has in-store knowledgeable experienced licensed valuers and diamond graders ensuring the 4 c’s as above are true and correct this places a skilled buyer in your corner scoping the best buys in todays diamond and  Precious Metal markets. Selected  stones are then delivered to store where you can choose from the selection that meets your criteria. Coupling this with some of Brisbane’s most creative designers and experienced jewellers,  result……completly unique, quality rings that won’t be seen anywhere else.

Pre-Made High Quality Engagement Rings

It may also be worth noting multiple suppliers within Austraila and overseas offer a large range of pre-made high quality engagement rings complete or without diamonds set(mounts)and these only require suitable diamonds to be set for completion. This could be a suitable alternative for those that already have a diamond of sentimental value.  If you’re soon to be in the market for your engagement ring, start saving the magazine cuttings and photos from the internet in your scrapbook,We can recommend great sites from which we gather some of our information like GIA America. Really it doesn’t matter where your inspiration comes from  the adage that “a picture is worth a thousand words” is what you need to remember and to communicate clearly what you’re looking so the designers are straight onto what you’re searching for to “make your dream come true”. Delross Design Jewellers has been manufacturing fine jewellery in our Brisbane Jewellery Workshop for 13 years. Contact us to discuss your Diamond Engagement Ring today and remember you’re in good hands with Delross Design Jewellers.

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