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  • Jewellery Repairs

    Manufacturing Jeweller Brisbane,Custom Made Jewellery Brisbane

    Manufacturing Jeweller Brisbane, Custom Made Jewellery Brisbane

    Delross Design Jewellers have a team of qualified jewellers that perform all jewellery repairs in-store. Whether that be resizing and re-tipping rings, chain, rejoins or building up links on charms or rhodium plating. It’s all kept on the premises and done by us.
  • Custom Handmakes
    From diamond engagement rings, wedding bands, dress rings, pendants and family jewellery, it can all be unique to you, your design, tastes and style at Delross Jewellers. We love bringing your vision to life.
  •  Restorations, Remakes and Remodelling
    When antique and estate jewellery is correctly restored with care and attention, its value can increase markedly. If you have inherited or purchased estate jewellery, we would love to help you value it.
  • Recreating Lost or Stolen Jewellery
    Photographs and detailed descriptions will allow the talented jewellers here at Delross Design Jewellers to reproduce the item, or perhaps replace lost stones exactly. It can be heart breaking to lose a special piece and we understand this and work closely with you to assist you through this difficult time.
  • Gold Buying
    Delross Design Jewellers gold buying services offer 100% more flexibility than most. We are able to buy all precious metals on the spot, including platinum, gold and silver for the best possible daily spot prices. It is very important to remember when selling precious metals to deal only with licensed, reputable business with well-trained and knowledgeable staff. This ensures all items are correctly tested for metal purity, offering certainty with financial returns. Precious scrap metals can also be used as part or full payment for any new items, or added to any unique handmade jewellery created by us to reduce costs.
  • Insurance Claims
    Delross Design Jewellers is experienced in handling complex and detailed insurance claims. We are well positioned to either remake or replace items to insurance values and or customers specifications. We endeavor to make the whole process as smooth as possible. We will take care of all of the paperwork and deliver outstanding, hassle free service.
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